The Envirothon Experience

The Envirothon Experience

What do the students get out of the experience?

Combining in-class curriculum and hands-on field experiences, the Envirothon NB program is an excellent way to supplement environmental education inside and outside the traditional classroom. Envirothon NB participants gain valuable knowledge and training in ecology and natural resource management principles and practices. Many students step away from the Envirothon experience excited about learning and motivated to pursue careers in environmental studies, environmental law, natural sciences, and natural resource management.

  • Students gain current, practical knowledge of local ecosystems and sustainability issues from environmental professionals.
  • Students increase their understanding of basic science concepts in the areas of forests, wildlife, soils and aquatic ecology.
  • Students gain a practical understanding of the impact of human activities on the environment and avenues of minimizing negative effects.
  • Envirothon creates a forum for secondary school students to explore environmental issues from a variety of viewpoints with their peers, natural resources professionals and community leaders.

Video by J.D. Irving Limited
Irving Nature Park Hosts Annual High School Envirothon – 2013

The advisors benefit:

  • Work with a group of highly motivated students who take pride in conservation of our natural resources.
  • Gain knowledge from professionals, and other teachers during workshops and competitions.
  • Experience a new way of teaching hands-on information; show students a new way of learning through problem-solving.

The Envirothon NB program sounds great!

Would I make a good advisor?

How do I find the time for advising the team?

Once you’ve made the commitment to coaching a team in the Envirothon program, you will quickly discover that it’s worth every second you give to it.  But don’t panic about how much time it will take.  The advisor’s role is to provide guidance and assistance to the team’s preparation towards the Envirothon Competition. The most important thing is a time commitment from the students!

Envirothon NB is administered and coordinated by Science East. You will be provided with learning materials, a listing of useful websites and a list of natural resource professionals from around the province who are willing to give presentations and tours to your team. At any time, we are available to answer your questions and provide you with guidance when you need it.

If time commitment is a concern, please consider asking a second teacher at your school to be a co-advisor.  Advisors for Envirothon teams could also be a parent or a member of your community who has a passion for the environment and some spare time on their hands, why not ask them to lend a hand?

How do I help the students with the scientific and technical knowledge of the specialized topics?

Envirothon NB has developed learning resources and recruited natural resource professionals to assist with learning both in-class and outdoors!  The materials provided to you upon registration cover the various subject areas within the guidelines of the Learning Objectives. Included is an extensive list of websites that provide additional learning.  Advisors have found it useful to arrange to have guest speakers visit their class to discuss some of the more specialized areas of the program. In addition, Envirothon NB will arrange various workshops throughout the year which will be available to all teams.  Teams will receive hands-on experience in the field. We highly recommend that the students take advantage of these great learning opportunities

The most important thing is a passion and commitment from the students.  If they want the team to be a success, it will be!