Virtual Workshops

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Distance Education Opportunities

Each week, join the experts in the fields of environment and natural resources for live informative presentations, and engaging, hands-on activities. These 50 minute virtual workshops will be hosted in English and French by Science East and the Envirothon NB Steering Committee on Zoom.

9:30 – 10:30 am (English)
1:00 – 2:00 pm (French)


These workshops are designed to prepare high school students for the Envirothon NB competition.  Students can participate individually or with their team.


High School Science and Environmental Science classes are welcome to participate.  Atlantic Canada focus. Teachers must register their class.

Interested in participating in a live virtual workshop?

To register and receive further details and workshop handouts along with the link on Zoom, please contact, Envirothon NB Coordinator.

No cost to participate.

Deadline to register for each session is one week prior to the workshop date.

February 2021

Workshop 2021 - Soil Process & Factors Feb 8

Soils Workshop Poster Feb 8337946

Presented by Sheldon Hann, Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada


  • What is soil?
  • Why do we study soil?
  • Why is soil important?
  • Functions of soil
  • Soil forming factors
  • Soil forming processes
  • What does soil look like?
  • Soil types
  • Soil Erosion
  • Understanding relationships between the plant community and soil

Activity: Kahoot


Aquatic Ecology Workshop Poster Feb 9337946

Presented by Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance

  • An introduction to abiotic factors in aquatic environments
  • What is a watershed and its features
  • Processes in the water cycle
  • The difference and the definitions of various aquatic habitats
The delineation of a subwatershed in the Petitcodiac watershed.


337946 Wildlife Workshop Poster Feb 16

Presented by Kelly Honeyman, J.D. Irving Limited


Students will learn about the life histories of a selected number of rodents in our province as well as sampling methods to determine populations.


Mark-recapture exercise: learn to estimate population size.

Workshop 2021 - Tree ID Feb 18

cc Forestry Workshop Poster Feb 18

Presented by Bernie Daigle, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

  1. Parts of  a tree (tree, twigs, and leaves)
  2. Photosynthesis
  3. Dendrochronology
  4. Tree Identification using dichotomous key

Activity:  Using dichotomous key to identify softwood and hardwood species

Workshop 2021 - Wildlife - General Bird ID

337946 Wildlife Workshop Poster Feb 22

Presented by Kelly Honeyman, J.D. Irving Limited


Tips on how to quickly and confidently identify NB’s avian species and introduction to cool apps that can help you out.

Activity : Migration Game

Forestry Workshop 2021 - Management (1)

337946 Forestry Workshop Poster Feb 23

Presented by Bernie Daigle, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

  1. Forestry in Canada
  2. Forestry in New Brunswick
  3. Even-aged forestry systems
  4. Uneven-aged forestry systems
  5. Reforestation
  6. Precommercial thinning
  7. Commercial thinning
  8. Annual allowable cut
  9. Non-timber forest products

Activity:  Kahoot Game

March 2021


Presented by Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance

  • An introduction to biota
  • What is a balanced ecosystem and its carrying capacity
  • Biodiversity and how it can be impacted
  • Invasive and alien species
By using a dichotomous key, students will identify various macroinvertebrate samples from the Petitcodiac watershed.

Presented by Sheldon Hann, Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada


  • What are soil types and how to distinguish between them
  • Soil associations and soil series
  • Soil landscape characteristics
  • Soil physical properties
  • Soil chemical properties
  • Soil biological properties
  • Soil Drainage
  • Understanding relationships between soil properties/characteristics and soil quality and soil health

Activity: Kahoot


Workshop 2021 - Wildlife - Tracks Scat Skulls

337946 _Workshop Poster March 23

Presented by Kelly Honeyman, J.D. Irving Limited


  • Learn how to identify what species was walking and squatting in your backyard/woodlot.
  • Gain knowledge and skills on how to use a key to identify a mammal skull.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding on how mammals lived by analyzing “reading” the skull.


337946 Forestry Workshop Poster March 30

Presented by Bernie Daigle, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

  1. Aerial photographs
  2. Measuring diameter, age, height, basal area, and stocking
  3. Using LIDAR for enhanced forest management

Activity: Working with air photos and practice questions on measurements

April 2021

Workshop 2021 - Wildlife - Terminology April 6

Presented by Kelly Honeyman, J.D. Irving Limited


  • Learn the basic terminology used in wildlife management.



  • Understanding the environmental impact of Water Resource Management.
  • Identify key stakeholders and considerations.
  • Review the judging criteria for the oral presentation
  • Questions and clarifications on the Envirothon NB Scenario

Forestry Workshop 2021 - Health

Presented by Bernie Daigle, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

1.       Biotic and abiotic factors

2.       Native insects and diseases of trees

3.       Exotic (non-native) insects and diseases of trees

4.       Adapting to climate change in Canada’s forests


Presented by Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance

  • Anthropogenic climate change
  • Land use & anthropogenic pollution sources
  • An introduction to watershed monitoring and data collection
  • Best land management practices and ways to improve anthropogenic watershed impacts
Students will learn to analyze a small dataset from the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance water quality monitoring project, to determine the relationship between two parameters.